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Members ASCRI

Nowadays ASCRI has 120 full members, who represent approximately the 90% of the Private Equity companies located in Spain. The association also includes 75 associated members and 12 institutional investors in Spain.

Full Members

Full members are the companies whose activity and corporate purpose consists essentially in the financing of business projects of small and medium-sized enterprises through temporary shares in their capital.

Full Member

Asociated Members

Associated members are entities that contribute to the Private Equity development in Spain, although they do not belong to the private equity sector. Banks, lawyer firms, consultants, universities, business schools, auditors and financial entrepeneurs are included in this category.

Associated Members

Limited Partners

Limited Partners are entities that provide resources to Venture Capital & Private Equity funds. Most of these investors are institutional investors, such as pension funds, insurance companies, government agencies, banks and family offices.

Limited Partners

Member Benefits

To be part of an Association with a long history (over 25 years) that has made important achievements for the industry (Private Equity & Venture Capital Regulation, Fond-ICO Global …).

To participate (networking) in all events organized by ASCRI. Most of them are free for all members.

To receive all the information on the industry: press news, reports, statistical series …

  • Interesting discounts on other events and industry publications.
  • Availability of statistical series and national and international reports on the sector.
  • Benefit from the knowledge and experience of leading advisory firms in this sector.
  • Participate in the lobbying efforts of the Association.
  • Visibility through the ASCRI Yearbook, Annual Reports and ASCRI website.


Full membership fee varies according to the capital under management of the entity (see table below). For international funds with no specific allowance for Spain, the fee varies according to the volume invested (or planned to invest) in Spain for a period of 5 years.

Capital under management
(million euros)
Anual fee
>400 15.000 €
300-400 12.000 €
200-300 10.000 €
150-200 8.500 €
100-150 7.000 €
60-100 5.500 €
40-60 4.200 €
20-40 3.200 €
10-20 2.500 €
< 10 2.000 €

Additionally, a new member has an entry fee of 1.000€ (for entities with capital under management below 200 million euros) or 2.000€ (capital under management above 200 million euros).

Annual advisory member fee varies according to the staff, with an entry fee of 500€.

Staff Anual Fee
> 200 5.000 €
100-200 4.000 €
50-100 3 000 €
< 50 2.500 €

Annual investor member fee is 1.000€, with an entry fee of 500€

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