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ASCRI is the industry body that units and represents the sector to the authorities

“ASCRI is the association that brings together Venture Capital & Private Equity firms in Spain, as well as their investors, including insurance companies and pension funds. The members of ASCRI make mid- to long-term investments in unlisted companies, from start ups to consolidated companies, providing not only stable financing through equity, but also innovation and management support. The Association’s mission is to connect the players in the industry in Spain, representing their interests before the Government, media and public opinion, both nationally and internationally, through alliances and synergies in Europe and Latin America. Its objectives include establishing an appropriate regulatory framework for the sector and communicating the positive impact of its activities on the industrial fabric and job creation.  As a participant in the UN Global Compact, one of ASCRI’s main objectives is to promote the sustainability of its members and their investee companies. ASCRI also aims to promote professional development through training programs and to actively raise awareness through the publication of statistical reports and economic and social impact studies, which show the added value contributed by this sector.”


ASCRI is the industry body that units and represents the sector to the authorities, Government, institutions, investors, entrepreneurs and media. ASCRI regularly communicates and provides statistics and updated information regarding the developments of the tax and legal framework. ASCRI also organizes a range of activities (training courses, events and round tables) for the members and general public in order to disseminate and reinforce the contribution of the Venture Capital & Private Equity industry for the economy and growth of SMEs in Spain.


  • General Assembly.
  • Members Annual Dinner
  • ASCRI Conference.
  • Spanish Venture Capital & Private Equity Awards.
  • ASCRI Golf Trophy.
  • Training course for VC & PE professionals.
  • Round Tables and Working Groups.
  • Press summaries, legal reports and research information.


  • ASCRI Yearbook, with detailed information of the full and associated members.
  • Annual Survey Venture Capital & Private Equity Activity in Spain.
  • Biannual Survey on Venture Capital & Private Equity in Spain.
  • Survey Economic & Social Impact of Venture Capital & Private Equity in Spain.
  • Responsible Investment Guide for the Private Equity Sector in Spain.

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